Consumer needs are what keep our research and development team motivated. Fulfilling various requirements, expanding horizons, designing controls, optimizing qualities and customizing applications, we produce products to meet our customer's needs and not vice versa. Our customers know, when using Sunoco, they are receiving the best product, developed with years of experience and can truly and fully rely on our product for top performance.

Product Research at Ichikawa Facilities

Japan Sun Oil Company, Ltd. has a 13,000 kiloliter capacity lubricant tankyard, blending and packaging facilities and a research and development laboratory located at Ichikawa City, Chiba. The laboratory is equipped to conduct extensive research in the fields of refrigeration oils, rubber process oils and motor oils. We emphasize the importance of developing products that are environmentally safe.

With the signing of the Montreal Protocol, Japan Sun has been working closely with the Japanese home appliance industries to develop a new refrigeration oil for the alternative refrigerant to the ozone depleting chlororoflurocarbons. Having years of experience in the refrigeration oil business, Japan Sun has contineued to provide valuable assistance to the manufacturers and develop various non-mineral oil based lubricants specifically designed for various types of alternative refrigerants.

Japan Sun has organized a technical support system for motor oil consumers where any person ranging from the general consumer to original equipment manufacturer may call a hotline service for questions on engine oils best suited for their needs. Japan Sun designed a system for customizing engine oils which may be blended to optimize the performance required for particular applications and temperature.

Harmful insecticides and herbicides have always been utilized by the agricultural professionals. As the public awareness for these harmful chemicals are being emphasized, government restrictions on certain chemicals are becoming more and more pronounced. Sun spray oils are organic and environmentally safe when used for the prevention of harmful insects and weeds that may destroy entire crops. Extensive research has been conducted to effectively control pests and weeds for agricultural and horticultural needs.


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