SUNISO GS Oils are premium quality oils expressly designed for use as refrigeration compressor lubricants.
  • SUNISO GS Oils are miscible well with HCFC and CFC refrigerants such as R-22, R-502 and R-12 while featuring excellent stability and giving long trouble-free service life in the refrigeration systems using above refrigerants. In addition, SUNISO GS Oils also perform excellently with natural refrigerants such as R-717, R-600a and R-290.
  • SUNISO GS Oils are refined from specially selected naphthenic crude oils by special method assuring excellent lubricity and other properties.
  • SUNISO GS Oils are approved by all major air-conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, car air-conditioner manufacturers in the world.

Chemical Stability
To resist chemical reaction with the refrigerant or other material normally present in the system.
Thermal Stability
To eliminate excessive carbon deposits at compressor hot spots such as valves or discharge ports.
Low Wax Content
To prevent separation of flocculant wax from the oil-refrigerant mixture at the low temperature points in the system.
Low Pour Point
To prevent separated oil from congealing in refrigerant lines.
High Dielectric Strength
To insure good insulating properties. In hermetic units, the oil-refrigerant mixture serves as an insulator between the motor and the compressor body.
Proper Viscosity
Even when diluted with refrigerant so as to insure high film strength at elevated operating temperatures and while providing good fluidity under coldest operating conditions.
No Contamination
To prevent scarring of bearing surfaces, plugging of lines or oil ports and general deterioration.

SUNISO GS Oils Conventional Oils
Sealed Tube Test
Terms : 175°C x 14days
Catalyst : Fe, Cu, Al
Refrigerant : R-12

SUNISO GS Oils feature excellent chemical stability.

Floc Test
3GS at -50°C
Refrigerant : R-12

SUNISO GS Oils don't precipitate wax deposit in an extremely low temperature section of the system such as valve or evaporator.

Pour Point
3GS at -40°C

SUNISO GS Oils are featuring outstanding fluidity at a low temperature condition resulting good oil returning in the refrigeration systems.

Density 15°C g/cm3
0.909 0.915 0.921
Color ASTM
L0.5 L1.0 L1.0
Viscosity 40°C mm2/s
29.5 54.9 94.6
Viscosity 100°C mm2/s
4.31 5.97 7.78
Flash Point COC °C
178 188 208
Pour Point °C
-40 -35 -27.5
Total Acid No. mgKOH/g
0.01 0.01 0.01
Aniline Point °C
75.4 79.8 80.4
Water ppm
20 20 20
Floc Point °C
-53 -46 -35
For the after-market and service field, Suniso GS Oils are available in 200L Drum and 20L Pail Can. Special package of Carton Case (4L Can x 6) is also available.

*Suniso is a trademark of Sonneborn Inc.

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