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The following motor oils are not for the direct sale. If you are interested in our motor oils, please contact us for a near-by Sunoco distributor.

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Since its founding in Pennsylvania, USA in 1886, Sunoco, a total energy manufacturer, has produced oil for industrial use and currently supplies its products to over 60 countries. Sunoco has developed and manufactured products at its own plant in Japan since 1966. The reliable Sunoco brand, supported by its original dry air blending method and strict quality control measures, is used in a wide range of industrial fields.

Ichikawa Plant
Site Area About 26,380 square meters
Base Oil Tank 27 (12,363 kiloliters)
Mixing Tank 9 (Max.20 kiloliters / tank)
Production Capacity 50,000 kiloliters / year
Outdoor Product Tank 4 (224 kiloliters)
Drum Filling Capacity 300 drums / hour
Pail Filling Capacity 600 pails / hour

SUNOCO's oil-blending method: Dry-air method
Sunoco uses its “dry-air” method in Japan to blend its products by blowing dry-air from the bottom of the blending tank.This method is well suited for refrigeration oils, where impurities are strictly forbidden. In the usual blending method, a propeller is used and lubricants or water may become detached from mechanical parts and mix with the oil. The “dry-air” method minimizes this risk.

ISO14001 ISO9001
In order to provide a steady supply of products and services to our customers, Japan Sun Oil Company has acquired ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification to ensure efficient resource and energy-conservation, to provide a speedy response to environmental problems, and to prevent environmental risks.

Industrial Lublicants

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